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  • 楊曙光:Polymer Complex Fiber for Linear Actuation with High Working Density and Stable Catch-State
    發布人:任振夏  發布時間:2021-05-19   

    論文摘要:Fiber-based linear actuators (FLAs) are a key module in microrobots and biomimetic devices. It has been a great challenge to develop linear actuators that can balance output stress and output strain and hence provide high working density. Herein, we report the preparation and performance of a FLA system made from commercially available materials and allowed mass production at relatively low cost. The FLAs can lift up or lay down objects more than 1000 times of its own weight during active contraction and expansion under environmental stimuli. The contraction ratio and output stress can reach 30% and 0.24 MPa, respectively, and the sustainable work density is about 80 J/kg, which is 10 times the typical value of human skeletal muscles. Especially, the FLAs show stable catch-state (lock-up state) with no creeping and no further energy consumption.